Bye-bye Rebond!

Hindi lahat ng kulot ay salot.=p

Hindi lahat ng kulot ay salot.=p

“Would you like to try our hair rebonding?”

That seems to be the SOP of every hairdresser here in the Philippines. Hair rebonding is a lucrative business in a country where the standard of beauty is having fair skin and straight hair. My hair is wavy though it does not fall under the rough and kinky type. My hair is effortlessly wavy and resembles a beach hair. It has a lot of volume so a good conditioner like Tresemme is what I need to keep it tidy-looking.

I started with hair relaxing in 2003 but I hated its effect on my hair. My hair’s texture became rough and dry and I needed to spend too much on hair treatment. My first rebonding was great but it limited me to certain hairstyles that would not break the strand or else, I would have “crooked” hair.

I stopped rebonding my hair when my youngest child was born. Robi has curly hair and though people find him cute with it, the question on where he got his curly locks sometimes gets into my nerves.

“He got his hair from my father’s side of the family and oh, my mother was curly-haired, too!” I would often reply. At that time, the effect of the rebonding treatment was still evident on my straight hair.

I realize that my son does not have to pick up that having curly hair is NOT normal in a society that appreciates fair skin and straight hair. He does not have to feel different because his siblings and parents have straight hair. I don’t want him to feel how I felt when as a child, I felt out-of-placed whenever people would say that I looked different from my brother and parents. Children like affiliation and acceptance. If the basis of Robi’s sense of belonging would come from his mother who share the same physical trait with him, then bye-bye hair rebonding!

To those who prefer their hair to be rebonded- it’s your money and your choice. Get a good hair treatment afterwards.

To those who prefer to maintain their curly/wavy locks- try Tresemme! Promise, it’s a very good conditioner for our type of hair.