Forget or Remember?

Now that Andre and Kobe Paras are more visible on the limelight, dragging old family issues that concern their parents Jackie Forster and Benjie Paras has become inevitable.The kids’ resentment towards their mom is strong and at times, uncomfortable. Maybe it’s because as audience, we are used to hearing sugar-coated statements, thus, the straightforward reply of the Paras kids against their mother draws criticism. Their frankness reminds me of the young and feisty Jackie Forster, so goes the saying that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

What I find amusing in this family drama is the reversed plot wherein the kids have the upper hand over their parent. These kids must have experienced great emotional pain and asking them about their mother will not do both parties any good. Between them and Jackie, it’s obviously the latter who’s very much affected by their family drama. Flying home from Malaysia where her new family resides, Jackie granted an interview to Boy Abunda on The Buzz. A different Jackie was there asking for her sons’ forgiveness and a second chance to become a mother to them. In her heart, she claimed that she knew her sons watched the “Remember Me” video that she made for them.

TIME is a precious element in HEALING. We can’t force anybody to forgive and forget if the pain is too deep to heal. By now and after all her futile efforts to reach out either personally or through the social media, Jackie must know that her kids are NOT yet ready and loving them from a distance is the only thing that she can do to help them heal.

In the first place, their family affair should never be asked by the press and the kids’ handler, manager and even father should set the rule about this. It’s not helping the kids to be famous in a positive way. At this point, they should create an identity for themselves minus their dramatic family life before.