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How safe is our drinking water?

How safe is our drinking water?

In the age when having a clean and potable drinking water is a rarity, we resort to buying refilled water instead. Water refilling stations are selling like hotcakes in places where the purity and clarity of water is highly questionable. (I still drink tap water whenever I’m in Balanga). I’ve shifted my one year old’s water from Wilkin’s to the regular refilled water for the purpose of letting him get used to it. I don’t want him to develop a sensitive stomach and as long as the refilling station is trusted and recommended, there should really be no problem with that.

When it comes to my family’s health and safety, call me a paranoid but I could be very demanding and intimidating. I have this practice of opening the refilled water gallon’s lid for easy transferring of the remaining water to a pot or a bottle container for refrigeration. To my surprise, the container had foreign objects in it; a lollipop wrapper and a cotton-like black dust. Furious, I tried to call up the refilling station but nobody was answering; it must be because it was still 6:20 AM and the office usually starts at 8AM. I left a text message on that refilling station’s mobile number.

An hour later, the refilling station texted me back and so I called him/her up to air my concern. I was looking for their manager or owner but the one who picked up the call told me that I could just leave my message to her. I told her about what I saw inside the water container and much to my disappointment, she started enumerating how that could be impossible! Is that how a business establishment is supposed to deal with a customer? Is that their moment of truth?

Big, medium or small enterprise must practice basic customer satisfaction and how-to-handle-angry-customer skills. The customers are the ones who could make or break a business, remember?

Now back to the person on the other end of the line, I found out why she was so defensive; she was the one who’s supposed to sort and inspect the gallons before refilling! Of course, she would be very defensive! I ended the conversation telling her that she is not the right person to pick my concern and I would have to talk with the manager and owner.

For humanitarian purposes, my saintly (weh?) side is telling me to just keep the matters to myself so that the poor woman would avoid losing her job or her manager’s trust. Besides, there are a lot of refilling stations in the neighborhood and making a mountain out of a molehill is simply not worth it. I just hope that that employee would learn her lesson and improve her work.

By the way, I would like to share this link with you http://www.lwua.gov.ph/downloads_10/Philippine%20National%20Standards%20for%20Drinking%20Water%202007.pdf