Angelina Jolie’s Breast Cancer Prevention

Beautiful...with or w/o real breasts.

Beautiful…with or w/o real breasts.

I could very well relate to Angelina Jolie’s fear of developing breast cancer because I lost my mother to the disease four years ago. Unlike Angelina, my mother discovered her cancer at Stage 4 so a preventive measure was not really possible.

There are times when paranoia strikes me,”What if the same thing happen to me? How will I cope emotionally and financially? Am I ready to leave my family forever?” Treating cancer is very expensive; even a rich man is afraid to have it.

Back to Angelina, I am amazed at her decision to have double mastectomy to reduce the possibilities of getting the big C. Motherhood has indeed changed her priorities in life. Her old adventurous and devil-may-care ways was replaced with a motherly image.

Some would say that hers was not exactly like a mastectomy because she would have “artificial breasts” anyway. My point is, the fact that she takes care of her health for the benefit of her young children signifies her intention to live a longer life for them. She also sends a strong message to all mothers to take care of their health for the sake of their kids and husband/partner.