The FB Connection


My niece’s getaway with her cousins from her mother’s side, my younger brother’s fluctuating weight, my youngest brother’s emo posts, a friend’s promotion, a classmate’s battle with cancer, new nieces and nephews from my father’s side, hi and hellos with my cousins from both sides of my family..ah this is the Facebook age.

During the old times, my parents and I would go to a relative’s house to see the newborn baby. It was always a joyful event with titas or lolas asking the new mother how the delivery went through.

“Did you have a rough time?”
“Don’t drink cold beverages!”
“Ah, boiled guava leaves are better than betadine.”
And so on and so forth.

Little hands of excited cousins would hold the newborn.
Titas or lolas would scold us for fear of transmitting germs to the baby.
Then, there was a HERD of titas who helped the new mother take care of the child.
It was convenient. It was helpful. It felt good, for the new mother to have a lot of helping hands.

When I gave birth to my firstborn, the titas and titos were there at the hospital. One tita even breastfed my baby because no milk came out of me. Another tita patiently acted as reliever for my mother because my lola was also confined in the hospital. It felt good to have people taking care of you when you needed them most.

When I gave birth to Adi, the same tita visited me in the hospital. It felt good to have my tita and my family around even if they needed to travel from the province just to visit me. When Robi was born, the only “proof” that I gave birth was the pictures that I posted in Facebook. There were congratulatory comments, of course. I could still feel their joy for me but it was different because gone are the days of old-school practice of home visit.

How many nieces and nephews are added to our family since Facebook became popular and since some of us settled elsewhere? Two? Three? Four? Ah, they were at least six all in all. Good thing the family is connected through Facebook and if there’s one good thing that I like about this technology, it is its ability to somehow create a connection with people that we either got lost in contact or the people that we seldom see.