Janine Tugonon What Ifs

Janine and Jaypee

Janine and Jaypee

What if Janine didn’t meet Danny O’Donoghue and instead met an ordinary guy, would she be persecuted the way she is being persecuted right now?

What if Janine and Jaypee cancelled their Kris TV guesting, would their break up announcement be as controversial? (Janine looked irritated and bored most of the time except when she discussed about Danny and how they met. )

What if Janine stayed with Jaypee just like what she promised after she won the 1st-runner up crown, wouldn’t she be bashed for taking an average-looking boyfriend? (And in the first place, it’s none of our business if Jaypee is average-looking or not. It was Janine who chose him, anyway.)

What if Jaypee stayed out of the limelight, would he be spared from everyone’s curiosity?

What if after all, Danny was not really the reason why Janine’s love for Jaypee seemed to fade away? What if they really have other issues and getting attracted to another guy is the EFFECT and not the CAUSE?

What if after all our bashings, they (Janine and Jaypee) get back together? Would some angry and affected netizens bash Jaypee, too for taking her back?