Vigilance is a MUST!


I’m a big fan of Walter Mart Supermarket and this is where we buy our grocery and food. The prices of the grocery items are much cheaper than the leading supermarket. However, prices of fruits and vegetables are much higher as compared to buying them from the market (palengke).

Anyways, I’d like to share my experience last Saturday when a stranger asked me for some cash. I was busy looking for my brand of creamer when a middle-aged man approached me with his (maybe) six year-old son. He asked for some cash and when he saw that I was with my husband, he immediately walked away.

I was hesitant to report him to the guard-on-duty for fear of ridiculing somebody who might be needing some real help but at the same time, I was also paranoid about the Budol Budol gang and the recent child-snatching activites in Metro Manila.

We had our grocery at 12:00 noon last Saturday and it was an unholy hour so only a few customers were around. I thought, if that man chanced upon me in the corner section where no CCTV’s or mirrors were available, he could have snatched my bag or declare a hold-up and nobody would suspect that taking place. My toddler is usually with us when buying grocery and then I thought, what if that man used his six year-old son to sway my toddler into going with him?

The worst part of being a mother (and wife) is the thought that something bad will happen to your child (or husband). Being vigilant and suspicious won’t cost me a dime. Better safe than sorry, right?