Kevin Villanueva’s Lemonade

A thousand salutes for you!

A thousand salutes for you!

I am literally crying while writing this article about Kevin Villanueva. What a persistent young man who succeeded in obtaining a college degree! His mother took her own life when he was 10 years old while his father passed away four years ago. Instead of losing himself to depression, he took the unfortunate events to his advantage and fueled his desire to finish his studies. Kudos to his maternal aunts who never left him and provided him with love and support!

I was once a college student and my only regret was not realizing my full potential. Instead of focusing on my studies, I got myself a boyfriend and my time was divided between being a diligent student and a loving girlfriend. I have no idea if Kevin is into a relationship; I am talking about my own experience as a college student who could have avoided having a relationship in favor of pursuing better grades. It is every parents’ pride to see nice grades from their kids, right?

I reacted to a telecomm commercial about a college girl wishing that she has enough money left for gimmick. It’s okay to go on a gimmick once in a while but when it becomes a habit, ang kapal ha! Sabagay, only well-off kids could have extra cash for gimmick but when you’re just an ordinary kid who’s living on a small allowance, kalabisan na ang gumimik! I guess Kevin had no time for gimmicks and instead used his free time to earn money by working on his aunt’s dance studio.

“If your parents give you a chance to study, please study because this is hard-earned money!” This is what my mother used to tell me every time I would go back to Baguio after a semestral break. Now I realize how RIGHT she was when I started earning my own money two weeks after college. This is what Kevin missed in college because he needed to support himself financially to be able to live his daily life. Good thing, his relatives and friends were there to give him the unconditional support he badly needed then.

Kevin’s story is about an orphaned boy who made it through college. Life threw him lemons and he made them into lemonade. It’s all about his positive attitude about life’s challenges that made the difference.