Beware of Child Snatchers!

Parents, never leave your children alone. Always keep an eye on them. Don’t assume that your neighbors will look after them all the time. I was actually very much affected by this news :

I have two young boys aged 3 and 1 and they share a nanny. The nanny focuses more on Robi (1 yr. old) since Adi (3 yrs. old) doesn’t need super close supervision. But I am particular about Adi’s whereabouts even if the toddler is just playing with the other kids at the compound. My son is trusting and friendly; the exact opposite of me when I was his age. I always remind the nanny to look after Adi and to always watch after him.

These child snatchers are worse than cellphone or bag snatchers. A child’s value to his/her parents is simply PRICELESS. There’s a scary urban legend about a syndicate who is responsible for abducting small kids to sell them or kill them for their organs. This makes me a paranoid mother who scrutinizes every unfamiliar face in the neighborhood. Pakialam ba nila! If they have only good intentions, they wouldn’t feel offended.

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