Cake, Ice Cream and Balloons

Would you like one?

Would you like one?

As a child, I was fond of attending birthday parties. I looked forward to attending my classmates’ birthday celebration and my most memorable ones were Michelle’s, Shellah’s and Tammy’s birthday. The idea of a birthday celebration used to center on three things: cake, ice cream and balloons; without this combination, it didn’t feel like a birthday celebration after all.

My youngest child would celebrate his first birthday on April 3rd. We wanted to avoid the hassles of preparation so we decided to have a Jollibee party ( for Robi. The downside of the Jollibee party is its limited seating capacity at a maximum of 100 guests so we just invited some neighbours and officemates with their kids.

I didn’t make use of the online reservation because I preferred a site visit and a personal talk with the smart-on-duty. The site was helpful to check if I could afford the budget of holding a party in Jollibee. Since I’m practicing frugal living since the start of the year, I decided not to get everything that was suggested by the smart-on-duty. I didn’t find the party hat useful and cute so I excluded it on the party package. The paper placemat was not really eye-catching so I excluded it, too. I’m still thinking if everyone needs a nametag; otherwise, I will ask the smart-on-duty to provide nametags for us. I would love to prepare the loot bags but there’s a big possibility that I would ask the smart-on-duty to include them on my package.

Cake, ice cream and balloons—these are the main components of a birthday party. Kids don’t care about the tarpaulin and sounds and the party host. Kids love hotdogs with marshmallows, the games and a lot of candies. Kids don’t care about the price of the gift; being in the company of one another is enough for them. Sometimes, I wonder if I’m celebrating my kids’ birthday because I want to make them happy or I want to make other people happy. Of course, my honest realization is BOTH: I want to make my kids happy and as well as the other kids (visitors), too. But as an adult, I tend to lack the simplicity of a kid’s happiness like missing out what matters to them most- JUST BEING HAPPY. Enjoy Robi’s simple party, kids!