Santa Cena 2013

the one who died for us

the one who died for us

We have just celebrated the 2013 Santa Cena in our locale. It was my most emotional Santa Cena since I became a member of the Iglesia ni Cristo in 2009. The minister’s text about the suffering of the Lord Jesus Christ made me cry a river!

In the first place, Jesus was accused of a crime that was obviously a planted one. If you were accused of something bad that you did not commit, your initial reaction would probably be to attack your accuser or to sue him of libel. But Jesus accepted his fate and kept his promise of saving us from our sins. What goodness have we done to deserve such act of kindness from Jesus?

The political system during the Roman Empire was a great disadvantage to Jesus. Pontius Pilate, the ONLY person who could have saved him, washed his hands to avoid any involvement in Jesus’s case. Isn’t it the same to what is happening in our current political systems when some politicians simply do not have the BALLS to stand up for what is right and condemn anything that is wrong? To add insult to injury, the criminal Barabas was released instead of Jesus Christ. It must be a case of vote-buying, heh? Again, what goodness have we done to deserve such act of kindness from Jesus?

Jesus was no John Cena to endure all the paddling. He was beaten from head to toe. Literally, “mata nya lang ang walang latay!” Did he curse those who beat him? Nah! Those bastards were not happy to see him still standing after the paddling, they placed a crown made of thorns! Blood was oozing over his face, the bastards were rejoicing at the sight. Have you eaten a crab? Have you experienced being pricked by it? Ansakit di ba? What goodness have we done to deserve such act of kindness from Jesus?

They were not contented, they ASKED Jesus to walk his way to Golgotha with that heavy cross. When Peter saw him, he denied him not once, not twice but thrice! Ouchhh! Parang kailan lang, they were together preaching but now his good friend was denying him. What goodness have we done to deserve such act of kindness from Jesus?

Joseph (the strong muscular one) helped him carry his cross not out of pity but out of fear. It was a temporary relief for Jesus Christ to have someone carry his load. But Joseph helped him because the guards obliged him to do so. There is no difference to us when we just go to church just because the minister would send a deacon to us if we missed a worship. Are we really going to church to hear God’s message through our minister or is it because we don’t want to offend our spouse or the minister for missing a worship? Are we physically, mentally and emotionally present during our times of worship? What goodness have we done to deserve such act of kindess from Jesus?

Finally, Jesus was nailed on the cross. Are you afraid of getting flu shots because of the injection? Heck, it’s just a tiny piece of metal! It’s nothing as compared to the nails used on Jesus. Jesus was being ridiculed from the time he was presented to Pontius Pilate up to the time he was nailed on the cross.

“I thirst.”

What did they give? Mineral water? Soda? Juice? Nah! They gave him water from the sponge dipped in vinegar. Yuck! Chris was dying na nga, ganun pa ibibigay? Tell me how barbaric these people were. Mabuti pa ang sini-silya elektrika, pwedeng humiling ng lechon, ano! Again, what have we done to deserve Christ’s sufferings for us?

Jesus died on the cross. On the third day, he was resurrected. Jesus died for our sins. Jesus redeemed the world. But what have we done to acknowledge all his sacrifices? Ah, meron naman.

We go to church but are never serious about the gospel.
We are too proud and won’t admit our sins.
We lust after money, power and our neighbor’s wife/husband.
We betray our friends.
We kill the unborn.
We cheat the people.
We hate the poor.
We hate each other.
We don’t care about each other.
What goodness have we done to deserve Jesus’s act of kindness for all of us?

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  1. Hi, I was not able to attend the Santa Cena on our locale. And I’m afraid I have missed every single one this month. I’m shy to approach our pastor, so I thought I’d ask you. Uh, are there other locales who are about to hold their Last Suppers this April? I’m really afraid there’s none and I’m scared coz my katiwala said I’d be “matitiwalag” if I wont be able to get one. I dunno what to do. Can you please help me? Please. 😦


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