Beware of Budol Budol Gang

Cavite is on the spotlight nowadays not because of some good news but because of the alarming incidents of robbery with murder allegedly committed by members of the Budol Budol gang. What is more nerve-wracking is that the victims are senior citizens! Yes, helpless senior citizens who are in the twilight of their life. The gang takes advantage of the victims physical helplessness and memory deterioration to push through with their evil plans.

Particular targets are senior citizens who are alone in the market or grocery and wearing jewelries or carrying cash. We are not talking about victimizing senior citizens with diamond earrings and 24-K gold bracelets in here; the gang takes whatever valuable piece of jewelry the victim has. We are not talking here about bags of money because even market or grocery money are being targetted.

The gang takes advantage of the victim’s deteriorating memory and acts as if they’ve known each other from somewhere. The victim, being old and having memory lapses, becomes trustful of the strangers and agrees to go with them.

Typical modus operandi of Budol Budol Gang as reported in the news:

1. The Balikbayan style- one member will approach the victim and pretend to be an old friend’s son or daughter. The Budol member will invite the victim to go to their house to get his pasalubong. If the Budol member is “kind” enough, he will just dupe the old victim with fake money (also known as switching of the victim’s real money vs. the Budol’s fake money or just bunch of papers) If the Budol member is evil enough, he will take the victim to an isolated area, rob him/her and then kill him/her.

2. Market/Grocery Lookout- A Budol member will follow an unsuspecting victim while looking for goods/food at the grocery or market. The Budol member will notify another member if the victim has large cash on his/her wallet or bag. Once done with the marketing or grocery and while waiting for a tricycle or taxi, another member, usually a middle-aged woman will approach the victim and pretend that they are old friends. The Budol member will take a hitch on the taxi while two or three members are waiting at strategic locations to join them at the street corner. The victim will then be taken to an isolated area and rob him/her and then kill him/her.

4 thoughts on “Beware of Budol Budol Gang

  1. Oh my God! this is a real life tragic modus in the Phils. And I know a close friend who is on her 60’s and was just victimized by this budol-budol gang. The gang member even went to my friend’s house like she was sort of hypnotized that she allowed the gang member to get in her house and asked her to take all the jewelries and withdraw from her bank a big amount of money. The sad truth of how Filipinos behave in an evil way for the sake of money. Thank God that my friend was safe.


  2. That second modus operandi is somehow similar to what happened to me just recently this October near the LRT 2-Recto Station. I was on my way to my friend’s debut [thus bringing things like cameras and such]. A jolly old man who approached me was pretending to be a ‘distant relative’, Though I was able to catch him lying, I was already too late. I was able to convince them somehow that killing me would be very troublesome for them with my somehow made-up background and sort of sympathized with them. They let me go but not without taking some of my belongings, I was able to keep some of my valuables and secret money by lying, though they seem to be really good at knowing if you lie [Despite that they believed my other stories].

    Thank God I was able to get out of that situation, So besides targeting senior citizens, they are now trying the same thing even to youth who probably looked gullible. Well, I learned my lesson the hard way.


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