Wag Ka Munang Lumaki

“Wag ka munang lumaki, Adi, wag kang magbago.
Sana’y habambuhay magkasama tayo….” ~Mc Donald’s old commercial

If I had you when I was in my early 20’s, I guess I wouldn’t be this emotional.
Young mothers tend to take their kids for granted (I should know).
But now that I’m in my mid-30’s, I am trying to seize each opportunity to be a good mother to you and your siblings because life is too short.
Your lola left us when she was just 56 years old.
I don’t wish to live that short but I’m insecure about how time flies in this world.
That is why I’m trying to be a good mother and at the same time, I am busy preparing for your future.

I love you and your siblings in my own unique and equal way.
I love your differences in personality and at times, these differences drive me crazy!
You are the life of the party; you got my bubbly character.
Your naughtiness is infectious; you laugh like a jester.
You love to dance; one thing that I am not good at.
You are a very sweet boy, I miss you every time I’m out of town.

You are a Jollibee fan and I’m a Mcdo mom.
Ten years from now, you and Robi will no longer appreciate our dinner at Jollibee.
You will be busy with your own young life.
Don’t grow up too fast, my little one
“I love you, Mahal.”