Don’t Rush

from the web--young love, sweet love--weh?

from the web–young love, sweet love–weh?

He maybe charming, he maybe dashing
Don’t fall too hard for him
You’re only a teen
You don’t know a thing

His sincerity maybe unquestionable
His love for you maybe immeasurable
But he’s only a teen just like you
Love takes time to develop and it doesn’t happen out of the blue

The time you spent together maybe so real
Your love affair could be surreal
But listen, it’s just your hormones ticking
Don’t be deceived; you’ve got to be thinking!

Life is not all about chocolates and roses
Adults do take care of bills and expenses
Don’t rush yourself in things that you’ll regret later
Focus on school, wouldn’t it be much better?

Don’t be like me, my sweet little girl
Treat yourself like a diamond or a most precious pearl
Don’t rush yourself on love, believe me, it’s just puppy love
Compose yourself and ask from guidance Above