When Poverty Strikes

How would you feel to see your kids like this?

How would you feel to see your kids like this?

Poverty is a disease and a hungry stomach knows no logic or morality. Yun ngang maipit ka sa traffic habang gutom na gutom ka, mabubulyawan mo kung may sisingit sa yo samantalang most likely, nakakain ka naman three hours ago, eto pa kayang mga tao na ito na since December pa gutom? It maybe true that some leftist groups provoked the people to attack the DSWD office in Davao City but if these people were not hungry enough and had their full trust on the DSWD officers enough, they wouldn’t be swayed that easily.

We admired the Japanese for being disciplined and honest in facing the 2011 tsunami disaster. We commended them for leaving alone the vendo machines even if there were opportunities ransack them. We were flabbergasted with their sense of morality, discipline and camaraderie. But how different are we from them when it comes to facing adversities?

The Japanese knew that help would come along the way. Their relief distribution system is much more organized and on time. If we are to believe the feedbacks from the people in Davao, the same cannot be said about the relief distribution system there.

These people would not take the opportunity to harm or ransack the DSWD office had they were fed enough. A father or mother would not take things sitting down if they see their children crying because of hunger. A LOT of aid was given for these people; DSWD’s slow distribution system of relief goods was the rootcause of the problem.

One may wonder how come these people are so dependent on relief goods when they could have bounced back from the calamity after two months. Let us not be quick to judge these people. Typhoon Pablo probably washed away their source of livelihood aside from their abode. Some of them are probably stuck in the helpless situation and getting a relief good is their temporary heaven.

I know that giving them relief goods is not meant to last a lifetime and rebuilding their lives must originate from the victims. But for the meantime that these people are still in shock and in poverty, let us give them the love, understanding and help that they need.