Two hearts are better than one.

Two hearts are better than one.

“Happy Valentine’s, Ma’am!”

I smiled and greeted my officemate back. Oh, so it’s Valentine’s Day, I almost forgot. The cafeteria has plastic roses for sale. I asked the cashier if they have chocolates for sale. She said they don’t sell chocolates. The majority in our company’s workforce including me do not “celebrate” Valentine’s Day.

My best Valentine’s happened when I was in college. It was the first time I spent my Valentine’s with a boyfriend. We just invited our friends to have a group date in Mister Donut in Session Road. My then boyfriend gave me three red roses and a Valentine card. After that, our group went to Burnham Park to simply stroll. What would you expect from a group of young and penniless college students? The celebration was so simple yet we were so happy.

I was 17 at that time and I believed in fairy tales. Three years later, I celebrated Valentine’s with the same boyfriend but the happines was no longer there. Reality came in and I realized that we were just celebrating Valentine’s just for the sake of celebrating it. The love was still there but the irreconcilable differences were also very apparent. We had a Valentine photo together and my face looked old and miserable.

I celebrated Valentine’s Day just for the sake of not being left out. That thinking spilled over to my next relationship and I could feel that the pressure to please me was too much for him to bear.

The fear of being left out—it kills. It really hurts. But people who are afraid of being alone are those who have insecurity issues. In the first place, who said that Valentine’s Day is just for couples? What about the singles who want to enjoy the day? Go out and enjoy if you are one of those who celebrate Valentine’s Day. I’ll just be happy to be spending the night with my family. I may not call it Valentine’s Day but Family Day everyday!