When Being Ms. Nice Aint Good

free bitch

After reading Ms. Joyce Burton’s (Adventures of a Beauty Queen) post about the Ms. Earth “scandal,” I realize that I have the same sentiment as Ms. Lorraine Shruck: that being polite before greedy and unrighteous people may not be the best thing to do.

A typical Filipino will just smile and keep his cool even when he feels that his rights or personal space have been violated.

Somebody cut you in the middle of a long queue–wala lang. Pagpasensyahan at baka in a hurry.

Your neighbor’s dog planted “landmines” on your yard—wala lang. Maybe the dog doesn’t mean it, you can take the dust pan and cover the poop with some sand.

Your friend or lover is late on your date— sige lang, baka na-traffic.

Some people at the office are not happy about the result of your audit and asked for a less tight tolerance—ah okay po, noted, let’s revise the audit anyway.

Being nice and polite will bring you down in the long run. For example, if you always tolerate people to cut you in the line, you tolerate others to abuse you. You tolerate that person to repeat his action to others. Other persons might think it’s okay to cut somebody in the line so they might as well adapt that “diskarte.” In the end, more people are influenced that it’s okay to be undisciplined because nobody’s correcting them anyway. You’ve just created a culture of tolerance.

At work, our integrity lies on the quality of work or service that we provide. Integrity comes with a strong-willed heart to push for what is right and not be intimidated by anyone who seems powerful. That’s the “tuwid na daan” and I remember the late Secretary Robredo said “gawin mo lang ang tama dahil sa huli, tama pa rin ang magwawagi.”

It’s okay to be impolite if being impolite means not getting intimidated by anybody over what you think is the right thing to do. It’s okay not to be a people-pleaser because in the end, ilalaglag ka rin naman ng mga yan pag pumalpak ang gusto nila. It’s okay to be a bitch sometimes. Focus on what is right and forget the people who try to influence you with their wicked decisions.