Thank You!

Nothing is more encouraging and envigorating than receiving a word of gratitude from somebody who received a favor from us. It makes us feel special, it makes us feel needed, it makes us feel appreciated.

The sincerity of saying “Thank you” counts better; I could cry at that. Everytime I hear my toddler say “Thank you” to me, I become emotional. You could see the happiness in his eyes for having given a toy or a favorite food. Small kids are more truthful with their emotions so I know that his gratitude is not superficial.

My husband taught me to pray before meal to thank the Lord for providing us with food. No matter what food is served on the table, the important thing is we have something to eat while a lot of people on the other side of the archipelago are going hungry because of the calamities last year.

Giving thanks to whoever and whatever makes me realize to appreciate the big things and small things in life.