My Kim and Maja

from tumbr

from tumbr

The “ahasan” issue between young stars Maja Salvador and Kim Chiu is nothing but a growing up phase in their lives. In the first place, there was no “ahasan” at all because Kim and Gerald Anderson parted ways three years before the latter found the former’s bestfriend attractive.

The question is, would it be okay to court your ex’s bestfriend? Would it be okay to fall in love with your bestfriend’s ex? Would you give your blessing to your ex and your bestfriend to fall in love?

When I was of Kim and Maja’s age, I figured in a bitter love triangle. For the purpose of anonymity, let’s call my friends Kim, Maja and Gerald. Gerald used to flirt with Kim but it was nothing but a casual flirting on his side. Kim took it seriously and hoped that their closeness would elevate to the next level. Gerald was introduced to Maja and immediately fell in love with her. Maja entertained Gerald and Kim thought that Gerald betrayed her.

Kim sought the support of some of our common friends. Some of us sided with Kim while some, with Maja. I sided with Maja because I found nothing wrong in her relationship with Gerald. Kim was just too naive to understand that Gerald never fancied her in the first place.

Maja and Gerald ended up with one another and they are now living happily. Kim has yet to meet Mr. Right. Looking back, I wished that heads were cooler and minds were more open then. I wish that I never took sides and instead became the peacemaker.

Friendship is something that’s very important to me as years are adding to my life. When feelings are hurt, it’s hard to start the friendship all over again. It’s not worth losing a true friend over some infatuation. Good thing, Gerald’s infatuation over Maja ended up in true love. But it could have been happier had everybody in our circle, including the main characters, prioritized friendship over personal happiness.