Great Find: Sweet Baby Diaper

2013-01-15 07.46.54

My 9-month old baby uses Pampers Overnight for maximum absorbency. In the morning, he uses Pampers Comfort until my husband asked me to try using other brands. Since Robi started teething, we had to change his diaper at least twice an hour due to his frequent bowel movement. Prior to that, we used to change Robi’s diaper every two hours. The pediatrician said it was part of teething and unless Robi seemed sick, there’s nothing to be worried about.

So there, I grabbed two packs (20 diapers each pack) of Sweet Baby Diaper for Robi’s daytime use. Upon arriving home, I checked the adhesives and found them to be just fine. I like its high-cut leg design like Pampers. I expected something like leaking but the cotton could hold Robi’s weewee for up to one hour. Of course, our primary reason why we bought a cheaper diaper was because we didn’t want to spoil and throw away a pricey diaper for Robi’s frequent bowel movement. Now that Robi’s bowel movement is back to normal, I can feel the savings of using a cheaper yet a good quality diaper.

Yesterday, I bought 1 pack (38 diapers per pack) for only PhP 220 pesos in Walter Mart. That is only PhP 5.70 pesos per diaper! If I’m going to buy it elsewhere, it could even be cheaper. By the way, the manufacturer of Sweet Baby Diaper is Quanta Paper Corporation, a Filipino company. That’s one good reason to patronize this product, too.