All Mine To Give

I watched last Saturday’s episode of “Magpakailanman” and it featured the life story of Lucy Aroma, the woman who committed suicide at the LRT station last August 2012. Combacking actress Sunshine Dizon played the role of Lucy.

I got a little confused with the story line. Assuming that Lucy finished high school at 16 and then their family moved to Manila afterwards, she would have been 18 yrs old when she had her first job. In one scene when she was confined at the hospital after her first suicide attempt, her high school suitor paid her a visit and mentioned something like not seeing her for 20 yrs. So Lucy would have been 36 to 38 yrs old when she saw her first suitor again. Since the timeline is not clear, I assumed that that visit did more harm than good for Lucy because she was reminded of her long lost love; the one she could have ended up with. After that scene, she was seen more depressed and angry about life. In one of her depression attacks, she decided to go the LRT station to end her life.
The writers failed to include the timeline of Lucy’s depression and at what age did she really die. Lucy ended her life at 52 yrs old and Sunshine’s youthful appearance did not reflect Lucy’s age at the time of her death. It’s just the timeline of Lucy’s life that I’m disappointed about in her life story. Deducting it from the equation, Lucy’s story is the story of many Filipinos who sacrifice for his/her family.

When teenagers were worried about their looks, Lucy was worried about her siblings. She provided for them and served them, acting as both mother and father to them even if their parents were still alive. Sacrificing her feelings for the only man who courted and loved her for her siblings welfare was one-sided because the brother and sister that she established did not reciprocate that kindness to their younger siblings. Hence, Lucy was left with supporting not just for their younger siblings but the children of the brother and sister that got married after finishing school.

The role of being the eldest child is synonymous to RESPONSIBILITY and more often than not, even the personal happiness of the eldest child is sacrificed for the family’s welfare. More often than not, the recipient of the blessings do not reciprocate and when it’s time for them to take care of the very person who sacrificed for them, they can only think of themselves so as to avoid that responsibility.