A Breathe of Fresh Air

apple and orange

Scene 1:

Adi (my 3-year old boy) saw our neighbours carrying a live pig (lilitsunin).

Adi: Wow! A pig!

Me: Yes, it’s a pig. Get inside. Sleep ka na.

I see to it that Adi gets his afternoon nap. He asked for his padede and lied down on the sofa. We were watching TV when an image of a lechong-baboy was flashed.

Adi: Look, Mama! It’s the pig!

Me: How did you know it’s the pig?

Adi: Patay na. (It’s dead)

I have no idea how my three-year old boy got the idea that the pig that my neighbours brought home would be slaughtered and roasted into a tasty lechon just like what was flashed on TV (Mila’s Lechon).

Scene 2:

I was busy doing the laundry when Adi interrupted me.

Adi: Bye, Mama. Go to school. (while carrying a red sling bag)

Me: There’s no school today.

Adi: Bye Mama, go to work.

Scene 3:

Orange is to orange as apple is to red. My toddler seems to be confused with the color orange and the fruit orange.

Me: What color is this? (points to orange)

Adi: Orange.

Me: What about this? (points to red)

Adi: Apple!