In The Eyes of the Frenemy

Note: Know your frenemy. Stay away from your frenemy. Do not trust your frenemy.

“I never intend to end your life this way. We were close, we may not be sisters by blood but we were sisters by heart. I introduced you to my glamorous world, my world that was the complete opposite of your world. You wanted to get out of poverty. You wanted to continue schooling. You wanted to taste my glamorous life and I became your mentor to it. You were my protégé. I taught you how to dress yourself fashionably. I even handed down some of my nice clothes to you. You were the sister that I never had.

Our vacations together were full of happy memories. Men couldn’t help but swoon at our beauty. Women hated us for our curvaceous body. People had a hard time on choosing who between us was prettier. I wanted them to say it was me. After all, I was more sophisticated than you. I’ve known the ins and outs of this cruel world more than you do.

You always knew that our profession is judged not just by our beauty but also by our image. You knew about my kids, of course you had to know it. You were my sister by heart. You knew about my kids and how I wanted to keep them out of my professional life. I was once a girlfriend of the month on a popular men’s magazine. I was making good money. I was living a charmed life until you irresponsibly mentioned about my having children out of wedlock. You knew it could affect my image. You knew it could affect my income. You knew it could affect my career. And there was you: young, promising, a ripening beauty right before my eyes.

I wanted to teach you a lesson. A lesson that you would never forget. I hated you so much for ruining my image but I felt compelled to save this little friendship out of our good past. But I couldn’t let this anger inside of me to cool down.

Our popcorn at the cinema was bitter to my taste. Was it my pent up emotions that were affecting my taste buds? Or was it the uneasiness of thinking that an hour from now, you would learn the hardest lesson in your life?

You were a real beauty even in the dark. I couldn’t follow the story of the movie that we were watching. I was too busy thinking about what would happen in the next few minutes. You were sitting beside me, sharing a popcorn with me. We should be rejoicing over our reconciliation, you promised to be more careful about what you tell people about me.

Should I call my lover to tell him to proceed with the plan? Or should I consider this reconciliation to be genuine and forget about what you did? You were my sister by heart. You need to be taught a lesson. You had a promising career while mine was backsliding. How could you do this to me?

The movie was over and I told you that we would be meeting somebody in position. A power that be who could help you become famous. Your little ambition to be famous was the bait that led you to the dungeon. How I managed to think of how to react to your abduction was clever. A motorist saw me and reported me to the authority. That was the best alibi and now I could go home.

I could go home and look forward to another day. My lover’s men will take care of you. My lover knew how to do things fast and efficient. I could look forward to tomorrow and anticipate a call or text from you asking me to go to your place for comfort. You were by sister by heart.

I uploaded our happy photos the moment I learned about your demise. Killing you was not part of the deal, I promise. You were my sister by heart. I went into hiding, confused about the whole thing. I lost a sister and that was sad.

Now, I have to deal with all of this brouhaha alone. The people hate me, my family is ashamed of me. You created this whole mess and I should have given you a hard slap instead of involving my lover.”