Success Story

I came across this article ( in my earnest effort to learn about entrepreneurship and financial management. There was a time when my husband and I invested our savings into chicharon business but decided to fold up when we realized that we were just having a break-even. Our manufacturing overhead cost went above the budget due to lack of reliable workers. We were forced to hire more workers because the skilful ones were either absent or slowing down. To make the situation worse, our major raw material (imported pork skin) was out-of-stock for nearly one month due to the holiday season (Christmas and New Year); our suppliers said that shipping companies usually prioritize other cargoes during this season.

Our first entrepreneurial venture was just a break-even; neither a success nor a failure. If there was one thing that I learned in there, it was the value of hiring the right people for the job. Surely, one would say that not everybody has an eye for business. Well, having a good business is a combination of hard work, proper timing and luck. Mr. Paulo Tibig’s article about his humble beginnings as a promdi who dreamed it big in Manila is an example. He and Abby first put up a laundry shop but for some reasons, gave it up. Had they stopped at that point and continued on their corporate jobs, they wouldn’t put up the logistics/forwarding business that they have right now.

Paulo’s entrepreneurial skills cannot be questioned because he came from a family of entrepreneurs. The first time that I heard about Abby and her then-boyfriend putting up a laundry shop in Manila, I was surprised to know that Abby has become interested in entrepreneurship. Not that Abby is incapable or not smart enough but from what I knew, her family was never into business and entrepreneurship. Paulo must have rubbed off his business sense on Abby!

It feels good to read success stories especially if I know the persons involved (in this case, Abby). They spark a desire on me to live each day like a big challenge.