Are You Smarter Than A Second Grader?

Sister-in-law texted me today about her daughter’s substitute teacher in English.
(The original-in-charge was on leave).
My niece is a 6-year old second grader at a private school in the province.
The substitute teacher corrected my niece’s abbreviations for the following words: atty.(attorney)and engr.(engineer) to att. and eng.
What the heck! She’s a grade school teacher and those words are common words; my niece got the abbreviations correctly!
It’s alarming to know that this country is losing competent teachers. Primary school must have a good foundation of
correct values and right knowledge, agree?

Am I seeing a depletion of competent teachers like Ma’am Benny Aranas, Ma’am Yolly Pruna, Ma’am Linda Dasig (RIP)
and Ma’am Anita De Dios to name a few? They were my teachers in Balanga Elementary School in a generation when studying in a public school
was cool. In today’s trend, parents from the middleclass bracket choose to enrol their children in private schools because of the impression that
private schools can provide better education and facilities to the students. Private schools better evaluate their teachers more frequently.
If a teacher is not improving, does not want to improve, lazy, has no big heart for his/her students then there’s no reason why he/she must stay
with the school.