Is Hotmail That Vulnerable?

Last September 9, my Hotmail was attacked by a Trojan virus.
My last log in date was September 8 and I thought that my network was well-protected by Kaspersky.
This is not the first time that my Hotmail was hacked/attacked by a virus.
The first one was in 2005 when I clicked on a link sent by a “friend.”
The link was able to know my password and changed it.
Upon realizing that the sender was not really my friend but a virus, I changed my password.

It’s always my habit to log off my accounts after using them so I have no idea how my hotmail got infected.
I researched about viruses in Hotmail and I found out that I was not alone in this predicament.
What made me more anxious about the virus attack was the sending of harmful links to my contacts, WordPress included.
I use Hotmail to post entries on WordPress.

A month before, three of my friends were also victims of this virus.
One chatted with me in Tagalog so the culprit was a Filipino.
Two chatted with me in a program-like conversation so they must be robots and not real persons.
The web is not safe and we are not really protected by anti-virus software.