You Are So Toxic!

This poem is dedicated to people suffering from toxic people.

You are so toxic, your face shrinks with madness.
Your depression is infectious, you must live in solitude.
You see life as a downward spiral, you want everyone to go down with you.
You seemed not to experience childhood, you’re unhappy all the time.
Get lost from our sight, you don’t deserve our cordiality.

You are so toxic, you’re comparable to a storm.
Your unpredictability is irritating, you’re never really cute with it.
Your words are venomous, you deserve a snakebite.
Your stares are piercing, I’d like to pluck out your eyes!
I won’t start a physical catfight, you might scratch my porcelain skin.

A six year old’s intellect is better than you.
Your emotional quotient is zero.
Do you want a visit to a psychologist?
Or a free supply of Prozac from me?

You are nothing but a toxin, you don’t deserve my understanding.
Speak ill of me or my family and enjoy, a bird’s brain is bigger than yours.
“Hindi ka na nga maganda, masama pa ugali mo” — that’s you!
Get a life, go to hell, party with Satan!