A Thief In The Night

I took a glimpse of your messy cubicle today.
Jacket hanging on your chair, mouse not within the mousepad, documents that need your signing,
scrap sheets of paper and umbrella hanging on the corner.
You were always in high spirits and you completed our day by saying “Ma’am/Sir, how are you?”
“You look so pretty today…ONLY today!”
Then you will burst into infectious laughter.

But death comes like a thief in the night; unexpected and unwelcome.
I didn’t believe the text that I received about your demise because it was so unexpected.
A happy-go-lucky guy like you is the least person that I would think of being ambushed.

What were you thinking when the gunmen poked a gun at you?
A joke perhaps, maybe they were just your airsoft buddies.
You pressed the horn, according to some witnesses, probably aware that they were there to harm you.

Ah, death stole you from your family.
Your 26 years in service didn’t end in retirement where you can travel more around the globe.
You left us clueless of the “why’s?”
The jacket, mouse, documents and scrap sheets of paper will wait for you in vain.