He Married Her Instead Of Me

Facebook. Facebook.
It’s a good avenue to meet old friends.
It’s a good avenue to let the whole world know about your current status.
Some old friends are surprised to know that I have just given birth to a handsome
baby boy. As my last name implies, Adi and Robi’s father is not the one they knew of.
Indirectly, they would ask, “So, what happened?”
(I am used to this kind of question so I learned how to be cool about it.)
So what happened? To who? To me or to the ex?
“He married the next girlfriend instead of me.”
Plain and simple. Direct but not bitter.

Some people would advise that to be able to move on faster after a break-up,
one must hate or recall all the bad things the ex has done.
But isn’t that being immature and selfish?
I managed to move on without badmouthing my ex.
I managed to rebuild my life on my own sans any bitterness from the separation.
The funny thing is, one of my exes could not believe that I could be forgiving.
That moving on is possible and that wishing them to live a happy life as a married couple
is for real.