Post Partum Weight Loss

I am back to my pre-pregnancy shape!
Is it just me or the pineapples?

A month before I gave birth, I was busy reading articles about losing the extra pounds earned during pregnancy.
My first two pregnancies were particularly difficult for me to get back to my old shape. I used to think that I could heal
faster if I would eat a lot of food during my maternity leave. As a result, I added more pounds instead of just maintaining
what I have already acquired.

Things that I did during my maternity leave:

1. I moved a lot- rocking my newborn to sleep allowed me to heal faster. It was a gentle exercise for my tummy area, too.
2. I ate 5 small meals a day- this gave me the opportunity to look forward to my next meal. Eating in small portions also increased my metabolism.
3. Pineapples- my pineapple addiction gave me the much needed vitamin C for faster wound healing. Some articles at the net say that pineapples help
in losing weight.

I may not be a Hollywood star with a very slim figure after giving birth but I’m happy to discover that with the
right attitude and diet, I can really lose weight! =)

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  1. Hi! Miss Iris, although this is my first time to leave a comment, this isn’t my first time to visit your page. I started reading your entries when I stumbled upon your entry about Dingdong and Marian Rivera. Congratulations on your new baby. Kuya na si Adi! God bless you po!


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