Wisdom Tooth Extraction

I never knew that I had four wisdom teeth until the dentist asked me to have a panoramic xray. Prior to my dental visit, I had a terrible toothache accompanied by a head-splitting headache. I went to Dentist A for a check up and she thought it was just a case of sensitive teeth. My second molar seemed to be in good condition; no crack and no hole. I told her that there seemed to be some food particles trapped in between my 1st molar and second molar. She didn’t bother to check it and instead told me that my 2nd molar was in good condition. She prescribed Sensodyne toothpaste and Hyl It gargle. I changed my toothbrush to Colgate 360, the one with very soft bristles.

After three days, the pain increased and I found it hard to open my mouth. Dolfenal (pain reliever) did not help a bit. I decided to see another dentist and it was this dentist who thought it was a case of impacted wisdom tooth. Dentist B was the one who asked me to have a panoramic xray.

A panoramic xray costs PhP600 and the result can be processed in about 20 minutes. I had a strong feeling that the result would show an impacted wisdom tooth but to my surprise, I had all four of my wisdom teeth trapped beneath my gum!

My husband and I brought the xray result to Dentist B with our toddler Adi. When Dentist B confirmed that I had 4 impacted wisdom teeth and the one causing the toothache must be extracted, I started to cry. The last time that I had a tooth extraction was when I was 8 years old and it was not a good experience. Dentist B assured me that this time, it would be easier and different.

On that same day, my husband and I decided to have my wisdom tooth surgically removed. The 2nd molar that Dentist A thought was in good condition was damaged by my 3rd molar (wisdom tooth) so it had to be extracted, too. Dentist B had a hard time pulling it out because 2nd molar was still “strong.” She called the oral surgeon to do the surgical removal of my 3rd molar.

Oral surgeon cut my gum and broke some bone so that the trapped 3rd molar would show. She had a hard time finding the exact location of the 3rd molar. The panoramic xray could not define the exact location of the trapped wisdom tooth. Finally, after one hour and 15 minutes and with great pain, the oral surgeon was able to extract my 3rd molar!

I still have three 3rd molars (wisdom teeth) that are trapped beneath my gum. I asked the dentist a week ago if there’s a probability that the remaining three would cause me trouble in the future. She could not predict. It was a painful and traumatic experience and if the remaining ones need extraction, I would have it done in a hospital under general anesthesia.