Selfish People

At some point in your life, you’ll meet selfish people who will drain your energy and spirit, leaving you either depressed or angry. Selfish people are egocentric and their needs come first before anyone. It’s easy to tell if a person is selfish. Once you feel that there is no reciprocation in the relationship, then the person that you’re dealing with is selfish.

Christ taught us about selflessness. The parting of the bread and his washing of his apostles’ feet symbolize both humility and selflessness. In contrast, Judas’ betrayal symbolizes selfishness.

A person can be selfish of his time to help others who are in need. An elder sibling who would rather spend the night with his friends than help a younger sibling finish an important school project is being selfish of his time. A parent who would rather sleep long hours in the weekend than bond with his/her kids is being selfish of his/her time.

A person who has lots of money in the bank but refuses to help a friend or a relative who has an emergency at the hospital is being selfish with his resources. A neighbor who would rather let his food rot than share with less fortunate neighbors is being selfish with God’s graces.

A person who always ask favors from his friends or family but does not return it is selfish. A man or a woman who wants a relationship but does not want commitment is being selfish in love.

Even selfless people can be selfish at times. Each of us has his own levels of selfishness but when life, relationship and feelings are at stake, we need to reassess ourselves if it’s reasonable to be selfish.