The Secret Of Living

My mother posted this poem on our wall. I grew up reading this but got to appreciate this later in life as an adult.

To appreciate beauty and the gifts nature brings,
To discover the pleasure in life’s simplest things,
To remember the blessings we receive every day,
To explore new horizons as we travel our way
This is the Secret of Living.

To find hope in each rainbow that appears in the sky,
To give comfort to strangers who may be passing by.
To keep smiling whenever there’s a task to be done,
To be gracious in losing and give thanks when we’ve won
This is the Secret of Living.

To build meaningful values in this life that we live,
To be full of compassion and be willing to give.
To regard as a treasure every friendship we’ve made.
And to find peace and love even time cannot fade
This is the Secret of Living.