Two Women

I am not aware of Rep. Iggy Arroyo’s personal life not until he passed away in London. I was not even aware that he was being treated there for cancer. The one thing that I surely remember about him was his “public confession” that he was Jose Pidal.

Mr. Iggy’s personal life became controversial after his demise than when he was very much alive. The second wife, Mrs. Aleli Arroyo is very vocal about her disgust on Mr, Iggy’s common-law wife of six years, Grace Ibuna. When a couple has a pending annulment case and if one of them dies ahead of the other, who has the right over claiming the remains: the estranged wife/husband or the departed one’s current partner?

Grace and Mr. Iggy lived together for six years. I guess, those six years were happy yet challenging because living with someone who’s sick is emotionally draining. Grace and Mr. Iggy’s relationship was a real partnership; it was founded with love and respect sans the sanctity of marriage. Grace and daughter Garrie have a good relationship with Mr. Iggy’s daughters from his first marriage.

The missing link in this emotional equation is the relationship of Aleli and Mr. Iggy prior and after their filing of annulment. Two people who are no longer in love with each other can possibly be civil and respectful of each other; they can even keep in touch especially if they have kids. I don’t think Aleli and Mr. Iggy had a good relationship after their separation. It makes me wonder if Grace was the reason of Aleli’s split up with Mr. Iggy that is why the latter is fuming mad at the mention of Grace’s name? Or perhaps, Aleli, being the legal wife, felt bypassed when her husband passed away with his lover at his deathbed?

Watching Mr. Iggy’s funeral on TV is like watching a real-life teledrama: the ex and the present love of his life trying to outdo each other. Aleli, being the legal wife, wants to run the show. Grace, being the one who stayed with Mr. Iggy until his last breath, is willing to share the show with the legal wife. Mistresses are condemned in this country but who are we to judge the relationship that they have/had with their common-law husbands?