Bored With My Career

An organization, in order to survive, must adapt to change. Change management is everywhere. Reorganizations happen even to the most stable companies. I survived a reorganization and I am thankful to the Lord for this. Reality check, I am receiving a good salary which is more than enough for a family of four. (We are not extravagant, by the way) We live in the countryside where the cost of living is much lower as compared to Metro Manila. Had I been working and living in Manila, my salary would just be enough for the higher cost of living there.

My friend and I ,who is also a victim of the reorganization, have been thinking about finding a new job. My limitation is, I can only do that after I give birth in April. I am grateful to the management for giving me the chance to still work for this company but at the same time, I feel like I’ve lost track of my career path. Five years ago, when my former boss asked me what I want to be five years from now, I told him that I see myself as a succesful careerwoman who’s happy and enthusiastic about her job. The same cannot be said about how I feel right now.

I am doing two functions and it’s fine with me. However, the engineering function quickly took a backseat in favor of the management or corporate function which is not really me. At times, I feel that anybody can just do this function and it doesn’t require any special skills at all.

It’s weird of me to be sending resume’s to other companies at this point in time. But I’d like to resurrect my self-confidence and assure myself that I am still marketable in the industry.

Thank you, Lord, for giving my family our daily bread. I just need to find the finest bread for my family and I know that You will help me get through this.