Surviving The 2nd Trimester

At the beginning of my fourth month, the nausea and afternoon sickness slowly faded away. Good thing, I was not prone to emotional breakdowns. I kept my composure despite the pressures at work and at home. I religiously took my folic acid vitamin until the fifth month. Folic acid is essential in brain development of the fetus. At this time, I could still wear my old clothes. I had a strong aversion to onions and garlic so cooking was a torture!

During the later weeks of the fifth month up to the sixth month, my body seemed to be adjusting well to the pregnancy. I could now tolerate the smell of strong scents. I noticed that my skin got dry so I used coco butter from HBC. I became prone to skin itching due to the dry skin so I changed my regular soap to a hypo-allergenic and moisture-rich one. Back pains and leg cramps were becoming an issue so my OB-gyne prescribed 1000 mgs of Calcebone per day.

I had my laboratory exam taken and I found out that my hemoglobin was lower than the normal. My OB-gyne prescribed 1000 mgs of Iberet per day. I started drinking two glasses of Enfamama per day and my tummy went big after only two weeks. I wore my first maternity clothes in January, at sixth months. I was never a fan of maternity clothes and I felt funny wearing one. But wearing my old blouses made me feel uncomfortable as I hated to see my tummy bulging prominently.