Great Find: Akari 4-1 Emergency Light

My husband bought this Akari 4-1 emergency light last October 2011. It is an emergency lamp, AM/FM radio, electric fan and blinker in one. It became useful to us last Monday night when Meralco had to shut down power on our area due to maintenance.
My toddler couldn’t sleep in a hot environment so the electric fan was a big relief for him. I was trying to save on battery charge so I set the fan at low speed and I just lit a candle instead of using the lamp. Adi was able to sleep soundly while I stayed awake to monitor if the electric fan is still working.

Akari 4-1 emergency light is good for outdoor activities like camping. It is lightweight and the casing seems durable enough. Summertime is coming once again and I hope it’s not a season of brown-outs. Anyways, with Akari 4-1 emergency light, you can have a little convenience despite the irritating brown-out. 😉