Yaya’s Addiction To Unli Call

Adi’s now former yaya from the Camotes Island left last Saturday. She stayed with us for four months. She had her first cellphone last October, followed by a second one on the same month.

It is but normal to have disagreements on how to run the household or how to effectively take care of a toddler but in the end, it will always be the parents who have the last say. Adi’s yaya got addicted to unlimitted call; I wouldn’t mind it had I noticed the big difference in her performance.

1. Hiding the mess- Our place is not difficult to maintain as it is just a small apartment with basic furnitures and appliances so I don’t get it why dirt should be hidden below the rug or furniture. The kitchen area was more messy with splatters around the stove, fruit and vegetable peelings that were hidden at the mini-pantry.
2. Staying up late at night- Our house rule is simple; get up at 5AM and go to bed on or before 9PM. The yaya can take a catnap after lunch if she wanted to. Some yayas are on duty 24 hours a day especially if the child’s parents are busy or out of town so it’s safe to say that Adi’s yaya’s workload is lighter as compared to the others that I know. Our yaya’s compensation is even higher than those with a heavier workload. Her addiction to telebabad worsened from middle of November to 2nd week of December. Her work performance got affected, the house was a mess, Adi got painful diaper rashes.

It was last December 15 when my husband finally talked to her about how we felt about her vice. To make the matters worse, she told my husband that she had the intention of leaving the house the following day to go back to the province with her cousin who happened to be her unli callmate. My husband did not tell me about it but I sensed it the moment I saw the new backpack stuffed with her clothes. Still, I gave her the benefit of the doubt that maybe, it was just my intuition.

The following day, while I was having breakfast, she told me that she would be leaving soon. When asked how soon, she told me that she would leave on that same day. Surprised and mad, I talked to her in a high tone stressing how inconsiderate she was for not telling us her plan ahead of time. Whether she would really go back to her province or just find a job in her cousing’s place (Pampanga) is none of my business. It’s even none of my business if she would really go home with her cousin or she would run away with her unli callmate lover. I informed her mother about it but I didn’t get a reply.

I hope to get a better yaya in January. For the meantime, somebody is babysitting Adi while we’re finding a stay-in yaya.