Buzz Lightyear Toy

My toddler is an avid fan of Toy Story series. He is particularly interested on Buzz Lightyear. I got excited when I saw a Buzz Lightyear on the toy section of Landmark. The toy is about 5-inches tall and is said to be capable of speaking 12 sounds and phrases! I checked on the buttons to test how it functions and I was amazed because I felt like watching Buzz on Toy Story. I was about to put the toy in the shopping basket when my husband noticed the price. Hold on, the toy is priced at less than PhP 5,000! I have the tendency to spoil my kids but I wanted to be reasonable, too, for deciding not to buy my toddler an expensive toy.

My husband and I recalled the life span of Adi’s toys. One of the oldest toys that he still have is a Fischer-Price musical snail with star, triangle and flower-shaped holes. Fischer-Price is known for its durability. Some of Adi’s toy cars either have missing tires or detached body. My toddler belongs to the caterpillar room (refer to Toy Story) as he is still very passionate about playing and has a tendency to break his toys. One toy only lasted half an hour because he threw it in a fit of tantrum. Due to this, we decided not to buy the Buzz Lightyear since PhP 5,000 is a big amount of money to be wasted on a toy that is expected to have a life span of only one day in Adi’s hands.

We saw a miniature of Woody for only PhP 350 and we decided to buy it for Adi. The toddler was very happy with the toy! He even brought Woody to the church for last Sunday’s worship. I realize, does my son really want a Buzz Lightyear or is it us, his parents, who want an expensive toy for him? My son never complains about the price of toys that we get for him. Maybe, deep inside us, we want our son to experience how it is to have a toy as magnificent as a Buzz Lightyear.