Genelyn’s Worst Nightmare

With her firstborn murdered last October 28 and her two children being dragged into the case, it’s no wonder why Genelyn Magsaysay’s emotions are in between depressed and angry. Before the controversial death of Ramgen Revilla, Genelyn kept a low profile as one of Ramon Revilla Sr.’s countless paramours. Genelyn was even mistaken as the Jenny Lyn of That’s Entertainment. Jenny Lyn was a pretty That’s Entertainment talent who is now based in the US according to German Moreno. Some reports say that Genelyn was an aspiring actress who got to appear in one of Ramon Sr’s movies. That was where their love story started. Her last name, Magsaysay, rings a bell. She is the daughter of former actress Ladelyn Madrigal and former senator Genaro Magsaysay, brother of ex-President Ramon Magsaysay.
I never knew that Ramgen tried showbiz as he was not given the chance to showcase his talent through meaty roles. After Ramon Sr., it is Bong Revilla who holds the crown for being the most successful Bautista/Revilla who tried showbiz. With Ramgen’s untimely demise, the people were made to know that he was the firstborn of Ramon Sr. with Genelyn. He was said to be one of the favorite children of Ramon Sr, too.

Genelyn, who is only in her early 40’s just like Bong and Lani, has nine children with Ramon Sr. Raising nine kids at this difficult time should never been an issue if your partner can very well provide for it. Unlike the Cojuangcos who are known landlords in Tarlac, not everyone knows about the Bautista’s family business. I guess, only the Cavitenos know that. When the report about Genelyn’s children’s dispute over the 1 million pesos monthly allowance provided by Ramon Sr, the public became interested. How much does Ramon Sr. worth then if he could provide 1 million pesos monthly allowance to Genelyn’s kids? What about his other kids? How much do they get?

The 1 million pesos allowance was said to be an unofficial figure; a “guesstimate” by some. In fact, if that 1 million pesos monthly allowance did really exist, then Genelyn could never have written her rants on Facebook about her financial status several weeks before Ramgen was murdered.

Some reports are saying that Genelyn used to be Ramon Sr’s favorite paramour. Her love for Ramon Sr was beyond what the former could offer. When Ramon Sr. suffered from stroke in 2008, his children with the late Asuzena Mortel Bautista were the ones who took care of him. I think it was not because Genelyn and his other paramours would not take the responsibility but because his children from Asuzena were also protective of Ramon Sr.

With his legitimate children now in acting capacity in behalf of Ramon Sr., that was when the problem probably started. Maybe funds were lessened and priorities were changed. Some of Genelyn’s Facebook shout outs were about her financial hardships and her feud with an unnamed Bautista. But how much is enough or not enough for a family of 10? If somebody from the Bautistas is making her finances difficult, then how could she explain the beautiful house made for her by Ramon Sr, her older children’s vehicles and her younger children’s good schools? How much is really enough for a family of 10?

Among the legitimate children of Ramon Sr., it was Bong Revilla who has been visible from the time that Mara was supposed to be taken by the killer. In one news report on TV, Bong can be seen comforting the obviously disoriented Mara. Bong asked for a speedy investigation and even raised a PhP500,000 reward money for those who can tell who the killer is. But it was a reward money that backfired not only to Bong but to Genelyn’s family, as well. Circumstances and the hired killers’ testimony were all pointing to Genelyn’s two children as the ones who plot the murder against Ramgen. Maria Ramona (Mara) and Ramon Joseph (RJ) vehemently denied the accusations. Ramgen’s girlfriend, Janelle Manahan, survived the killing. Did Mara leave Janelle and Ramgen to die or did she leave to save herself from the killer? Why did she change her original statement? Was she confused or she simply was not telling the truth from the start? People were comparing this story to the biblical characters “Cain and Abel.” But wait, Eve did not conspire with Cain to murder Abel. Some reports are suggesting that Genelyn also had a hand in Ramgen’s murder.
This could have been Genelyn’s worst nightmare: Ramgen’s death.

Ramgen was Ramon Sr.’s favorite son. If there’s anyone from her brood of nine that she must protect, it must be Ramon Sr’s favorite. With the favorite son around, Genelyn could use Ramgen as the strong tie that would continue to bond her and Ramon Sr. Another thing, Ramgen was said to be close to Bong and his kids. Even if there was animosity between Genelyn and Bong, having Ramgen around would be Genelyn’s way of connecting with the Bautistas. Why start a war with the legitimate Bautistas anyway? What’s there to gain? With that level of closeness between Ramgen and Bong and between Ramgen and Bong’s kids, I don’t think Bong is capable of doing harm to Ramgen as what some people are thinking. Correct my impression but I don’t think Bong will harm any person that will result to death or disability. We all know that he is a playboy just like Ramon Sr. but to inflict harm on another person? I don’t think so!
Assuming that Genelyn knew about Mara and RJ’s plot to have their Kuya Ramgen killed, still, having Ramgen alive and around would be her advantage. Having him dead would still be her worst nightmare. If and only if she consented to the murder plan out of rage (Ramgen told Ramon Sr. about Genelyn’s PhP2.3M credit card debt), then it was a decision that was not only poor but irrelevant.

This is a family drama that the people love to analyze and follow through. More muds are being thrown at each others’ camp. We may be forgetting that the real victims here are Janelle and Ramgen.