Ikaw Ang Pag-Ibig, Movie

A family’s faith is tested when the eldest child, who is a priest, is diagnosed with leukemia. Ina Feleo plays the role of a career-driven woman (Vangie) who is unmarried to the father of her child. Jomari Yllana plays the role of the patient and loving boyfriend (Joey)who is an OB-Gyne. Vangie’s parents are not in good terms at the start of the movie. As Johnny’s (Marvin Agustin) illness progresses, the family’s faith in God is put into test.

When nothing materially is left of them to support Johnny’s medication, they realize that more than money, family and faith in God is more important. Vangie’s parents reconciled. She faced her dark past and finally acquired the courage to accept Joey’s marriage proposal.

The film is a tribute to Our Lady of Penafrancia. Some of the film settings are in Bicol. The Bicolano dialect is sparingly used in some scenes.

Ina Feleo is an underated actress. Being the daughter of Laurice Guillen and the late Johnny Delgado, you know where her acting genes are coming from. She has a unique style in acting; deep and empathizing.
Jomari Yllana played his role well as a supportive boyfriend to Ina but there is obviously no screen chemistry on them. I would have loved to pair Ina with TJ Trinidad instead.

Noni Buencamino and Sharmaine Centenera are also good. Sharmaine excels in her breakdown scene at the hospital chapel when she questioned God about her favorite child’s illness.