Taking Time To Smell The Flowers

My pregnancy is giving me the opportunity to slow down on many things. This is not an easy pregnancy and I’ve lost 4 kilos in the past four weeks. As much as I wanted to protest for this unplanned pregnancy, I decided to embrace it and welcome the newest member of our family. (Don’t get me wrong. We planned to have another child by 2013. The blessing came this early, I was overwhelmed at the start)

I’m now living my life one day at a time. I probably lost that over-enthusiasm to make it to the top at work but this is just a temporary setback. I shall be back to my old self after giving birth. Why should I dare to stress myself at this delicate condition? My child’s health is more important than my work.

I now see the beauty of spending time to smell the flowers. Sometimes, being lazy is good; it gives you the needed energy for that anticipated comeback. How I love to lie down on the bed while listening to the sound of my favorite music. Being detached to the stressful life at work makes me more forgiving and more tolerating of other people’s shortcomings.

The breeze is cold and equinox is approaching. I would never notice this had I been too busy with my work. 🙂