Surviving The First Trimester in Pregnancy

Aversion to certain foods, sleepiness, dizziness, vomiting, nausea, mood swings, back pain, headache—the curse of the first trimester in pregnancy. Some women even experience it for the whole nine months! Last September 4 was my second month of pregnancy. I don’t really know when conception occurred but medically and technically speaking, since July 4 was the first day of my last menstruation, then I am now on my second month even if conception occurred in August.

I’m a working mother, careerwoman is a better description. I devote my time to church, family and work. I had an easy pregnancy with Adi so there never was any pregnancy-related interruption or absences. This time, my morning/afternoon sickness is terrible! I realize that all I need to do is to embrace what’s happening inside of me. Because the more I think of how awful I feel, the more I feel miserable about this difficult pregnancy.

1. No rushing- I’m a tomboy. I prefer boots and sneakers over high heels or stilletos. I’m always on the go. I even run to the swiping area just to beat the 8:00 AM time in. Now, fast movements make me dizzy. I’m taking things slowly and temporarily put my tomboy personality on hold.
2. Ice cold water- Whenever I feel like vomiting, I sip ice cold water. Ice cold water relaxes and refreshes my mouth.
3. Mint candies- Clorets mint candies are now my bestfriend. It refreshes my mouth and it removes the metallic taste most pregnant women have.
4. Salonpas- For stiff neck and stiff shoulder, Salonpas makes a good pain reliever.
5. Wet wipes- A must aside from ice cold water. Wet Wipes provides a relief once the dizzy spell comes in. Simply wipe on face and neck to freshen up.
6. Good Pillow- There are pregnancy pillows available in the market. If you can’t afford one, buy something big and soft to have a comfortable sleep.
7. Lotion- Vitamin E capsule will do, too. Now is the time to prepare your skin for stretching. Pamper the skin around your tummy with mild lotion or vitamin E to nourish it.
8. Banana and Crackers- When taken in the morning, banana and crackers are said to prevent morning sickness.
9. Rest- Don’t force yourself to clean the house if you can’t. Now is the time to be lazy! Give yourself a much needed rest.
10. Look forward to the 2nd and 3rd trimester!- Preparation is very important. Have you filed your SSS Maternity Notification? Have you updated your Philhealth status? How much money can you save? Where will you borrow money in case the worst thing happens? Have you started teaching your teammates about your job? Have you told your boss about your pregnancy?