Nips! Nips!

What’s your local version of M&M? Jack and Jill’s “Nips!” During the 80’s, the packaging was a white sachet with dots representing the colors of the rounded chocolates inside. The chocolates are 10% bigger and rounder then as compared to now. Today, Nips are packed using a blue sachet instead of the original white one. Nips may not be as tasty as M&M but comparing it with some local brands, its cocoa to sugar ratio is fine.

Jack and Jill could have spent much money on the fabrication of new molds, if the existing ones could not be revised. Or maybe, there came a time when the old molds need replacement. Thus, it must be the reason why there seems to be a 10% decrease on the chocolate candy size. Whatever size and whatever price, Nips is still a good alternative to M&M. =)