The Reluctant Mom

I just found out that I am one month on the family way. Mixed emotions. I texted my husband, he must be too busy, he’s not yet replying. I texted my sister-in-law, she replied quickly, excited about the good news. I texted a friend whose wife has just given birth to their second child. I will inform my father about it later in the evening, then my brothers, then my children. I don’t know how Adi will react to the good news. He’s the baby of the family, the beloved, the most special one. I, myself, am confused about my emotions. I always belittle my capabilities as a parent and I always have this thought that raising a child is not my core competency. My husband and I have plans of having another child in a year or two; reading the test pack result stunned me.

Anyways, I decided to document this pregnancy. This is my first month. I feel sleepy most of the time since last week. I feel that my temperature is up sometimes. I feel a dull pain on my lower left abdomen. That’s the weird thing about pregnancies, it will make you lose weight on the first trimester then it will make you gain weight on the second and third trimester. I will stick to my diet plan. I promise NEVER to gain so much weight on this pregnancy.

2 thoughts on “The Reluctant Mom

    • Hi Jasper,

      Thanks! I want to document this pregnancy. Who knows, baka may nakaka-relate sa akin, symptoms especially.
      As they say, every pregnancy is unique. Hehehe….

      Btw, how are you? Any kids? Wala na ko balita about you since you left. I think nauna ka sa akin, ako, August 2006 umalis dun.


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