The Carla-Mario Confrontation

Mario: Carla may gusto ka bang sabihin sa akin? I got your email?

Carla: Ha? Ay oo. Na hindi niyo pa ako naiinterview tapos may lumabas na article.

Mario: Natanggap mo ba email ko sa iyo?

Carla: Hindi pa. O sige I’ll read it.

Mario: What I said was, I used to be very fond of you. When you signed up with Regal, I was there. I think I was the first one who wrote a full article on you.

Carla: Yes

Mario: I’d been very supportive of your career from Rosalinda to all others na ginawa mong soaps….basta sa lahat ng ginawa mo sa GMA sinuportahan kita.

Carla: Yes and I’m thankful of that of course.

Mario: No.

Carla: Oo naman.

Mario: No, you never said that. Not once did you acknowledge anything I wrote positive about you.

Carla: No the whole article naman po was very positive. It’s just that you quoted me po well in fact you haven’t interviewed me yet.

Mario: Makinig ka sa akin yung sinasabi mo na hindi kita na-interview, lahat yon nanggaling sa Regal.

Carla: Okay.

Mario: So hindi mo alam ang slant ng Regal para sa pag-promote ng movie.

Carla: Okay.

Mario: MInsan lang akong may naisulat sa iyo na parang di mo nagustuhan, magrereklamo ka?

Carla: Hindi po.

Mario: And all the while I’ve been writing positive things about you, but you never acknowledged it or even said ‘thank you’ kahit minsan.

Carla: Opo.

Mario: Yun naman pala eh.

Carla: Paano ba natin ito aayusin?

Mario: Ang ibig kong sabihin, kapag may nasusulat na maganda sa iyo, wala kang reaction. Mayroon lang akong nasulat na binase ko lang sa press release ng Regal, sinulatan mo agad ako. You even went out of your way to find out my email address, you’ve never done that before.

Carla: Hindi po sa Facebook lang naman yon. Madali lang, well anyway, the point is not that I’m thankful for all your support Sir, pero nakakagulat lang po. I’m sure anybody would react to anything negative.

Mario: Wala akong isinulat na negative sa iyo.

Carla: Opo opo. wala naman akong sinasabing negative yung article.

Mario: Eh yun pala eh, bakit ka nag-react ng ganoon?

Carla: Hindi po. But in all fairness naman po maganda po ang article, inumpisahan niyo na ’3 years ago nandoon ako noong ni launch.’

Mario: Yun pala eh.

Carla: Opo but I hope Sir you will understand lang that I was reacting because I was quoted in the article.

Mario: Carla, I wrote articles about you based on press releases of GMA-7 not once did you complain.

Carla: Because not any of them were untrue. with this one po kasi..

Mario: Ito nga sinasabi ko sa iyo, lumabas na sa ibang column eh.

Carla: Opo, hmm sige po kung ibi-base niyo sa press release ng Regal, well siguro po may problema.

Mario: At saka lumabas na sa columns ng iba eh, bakit ka sa akin magrereklamo?

Carla: Hindi naman po lumabas yon eh, well hindi na lang po ako makikipag-away.

Mario: Hindi naman ako nakikipag-away. Gusto ko lang linawin na ikaw ang dami dami kong sinulat na maganda sa iyo, not once did you acknowledge it. Pero ngayon, may hindi ka nagustuhan bigla kang magrereklamo ng ganyan.

Carla: O sige po, ok lang po yon.

Mario: Alam mo, kumpara kay Lovi Poe na talagang when you write something about her, she acknowledges it, she thanks you, wala akong masasabi, she has more manners than you.

Carla: Ok, siguro po I think I will just finish this by apologizing. Kung kayo po ay na-offend, in a way, ako din po. I was just reacting because na-misquote po ako. I hope that you will understand me coming from my end po kung bakit ako nag-re-react. It was not my intention to make you feel bad, never po. Sana po ay maayos natin kung ano ang nangyari at bakit umabot sa ganitong point. So sorry po if you feel bad, sorry if you feel I’m not thankful I am po very much thankful for all your support for all the good articles you’ve written about me, maraming salamat po and I’m really sorry if I offended you in any way.

Mario: Okay, but I just wish you would re-read what you’ve written me because you are telling me what to write in my column. You even made a threat against me. Basahin mo ang column ko, ang sabi mo ‘if you are not going to issue an erratum’ which is not the right word. What you want is a retraction, which I will never do because I based it yun sa ano ng Regal, basahin mo nga yung letter mo.

Carla: Hindi po, ayusin po natin yan after ng press con para po malinawan po tayo. Pero I’m sorry po, I’m sorry.

Is this just a promo for Regal’s latest movie, “My Neighbor’s Wife?” I don’t think so. Why will Regal “sacrifice” Carla Abella just for the promo when Lovi Poe is the more controversial actress? Unless Mother Lily favors Carla the most among the four stars, she can “fabricate” this controversy to create noise on Carla’s image. Carla has always been portrayed as sweet and intellectual, maybe it’s time for her to be daring and unpredictable to make her more exciting. The last spicy thing that she said before the press was when she said that although she and Marian Rivera both came from DLSU, she graduated with honors. But that was forgivable. She was launched in Rosalinda and the rest is history.

Patulan ko ba ang awayang to? Wala lang. I just think that both parties have shortcomings.
1. According to Carla, the things that she supposedly said on Mario B’s column were not hers. Later on, she will find out that those were supposed to be promotional materials from Regal Films. Had Carla called up Mario to discuss about the article, she would have known where Mario’s words came from. Sometimes, it’s better to talk to the person rather than write an email. Emails are subjective unless you write about figures (money, statistics etc) Words that are okay with the sender might not be okay with the receiver.
2. Should Carla be grateful for all the positive write ups that Mario wrote for her in the past. Yes. I think Mario was more hurt than angry because Carla seemed to disregard all the positive write ups that he did for her in the past. But Mario went overboard when he compared Carla with Lovi in terms of who has better manners? The issue is between he and Carla and a single incident of ungratefulness does not mean that Carla has lesser manners than anybody else.
3. I wonder why Mother Lily did not interrupt the press con when it was obvious that the veteran one would not stop until he voiced out his concerns. Unless this is a promo for the movie, then why bother to interrupt the exchange of emotional words?

It wouldn’t surely take long and this feud would end. After all, as they always say, showbiz is just a small industry.