Toy Story

My 23-month old is glued on Toy Story 3. This is a story about a boy leaving his toys in the attic weeks before he goes to college. The mother thought that Andy (college boy) left the garbage bag for collection; not minding to see what’s inside. The journey of the toys led by Woody the cowboy is moving; you’ll ask yourself what happened to the toys that you outgrew as a child.

Two weeks before I had a copy of Toy Story 3, I handed down some old stuffed toys to my neighbors. What will I do of them? My Adi prefers guns and cars while Chang is more interested on make up. After watching Toy Story, I came to think what happened to the toys that were part of my childhood.

1. Candy the rag doll- I had Candy when I was five years old. She was 2.5 feet high and stuffed with soft cotton inside. She was huggable but with a hair made out of brown yarn so combing it was not possible. I gave Candy to Chang when she was a baby. She was left outside and was ravaged by our dogs.
2. Crying Baby- She would stop crying if I would insert her pacifier. One of my playmates put salt into her mouth. The melted salt destroyed the interior of my doll’s mouth so it never cried again after that. I threw her away when I was 14 years old. It took me less than a decade to throw her away.
3. Barbie- She’s actually not a barbie doll. She was another brand of lesser quality. I was eight years old and jealous of my playmate’s barbie doll. Barbie dolls were expensive so my mother bought me a more affordable one. I thought she was a barbie doll. I combed her wiry hair and I wonder why her hair was not silky-smooth unlike my playmate’s barbie. I passed on my barbie lookalike to my daughter. Barbie lookalike survived until Chang was four years old.
4. Cuddly Bunnie- Bunnie was a product of a livelihood project spearheaded by my mother. Bunnie, the best stuffed toy among the batches produced, was given to my mother as a sign of their gratitude for supporting the livelihood project. I was 12 or 13 when Bunnie came into my life. Bunnie was handed down to Chang and then to my niece, Kaila. Kaila gave back the Bunnie to me. Bunnie is older than my 20 year old brother, my 14 year old daughter, my five year old niece and my 23 month old son. =)
5. Whitey- A friend from college gave me this toy in 1998. Whitey is a white cat. Adi used to play with Whitey when he was a small baby. Now Whitey is kept on Adi’s toy cabinet.