All About Nannies

My baby has a new nanny from Camotes Island in Cebu. She’s 17 years old and a single mom. She left her one year old in the care of her mother. My husband fetched him at the domestic airport last Friday. That afternoon, when I arrived home, I interviewed her; our first talk. I asked her what motivated her to go to “Manila” to work. She said that it’s the family’s finances. It was then when she mentioned about her one-year old. Surprised, I asked her if it would not cause her personal conflict to go to “Manila” to take care of my baby when she left her own in the province. She was speechless. Nevertheless, I cheered her up and told her that two of our neighbors are from the Visayas so she wouldn’t feel isolated from the dialect that she’s familiar with. Being young and being away from home for the first time is a challenge for both of us. I found out that she’s not familiar with the basic home gadgets that we’re using; I needed to train her harder. There’s a lot of do’s and don’ts that I need to tell her about taking care of Adi. I could be very meticulous about my baby and I hate to see him soaked in sweat or dirt! Take note that the only time that we require a nanny to work on other household chores is when either, both or all three of us are at the house and the nanny has nothing productive to do. Prior to staying with us, the nanny is given anti-lice shampoo just to make sure that she won’t bring lice into the house. All of us, except my brother who stays with me, have flu shot; I might as well require the nanny to have one along with my brother. Previous nannies were given medicine supply, Sunday day off and other perks. They can eat whatever they like to eat EXCEPT my chocolates. Toiletries are also provided. When it comes to compensation, they are well-compensated. I have this principle of giving what’s due to a person: I’ll give you this much but give me this much of your service and loyalty. So far, this proved to be effective to the previous nanny who could have stayed until March next year had her mother not needed her to take care of her youngest brother. In our humble home, the nanny is treated like a family member, I think that’s the best way to keep them loyal and provide good service to us. šŸ˜‰