Wet Shoes and Nice Umbrella

I arrived at the office wet from the rain. It’s typhoon Juaning’s fault! While some people get melancholic when it’s raining, the opposite happens to me. Rain is my aphrodisiac, my endorphin; I get romantic only when it’s raining. There’s something magical about the rain: the rain forms bubbles on the surface that it falls, matresses get dampy even if you live on a concrete house, the rhythmn of the rain is music to my ears.

When I was in kindergarten, I had a brown Otto sandals that I only use during the rainy season. The sole is anti-slip and the body is made of durable leather. I had a red umbrella that literally flew in the middle of the traffic when I let go of it during a heavy wind.

From grade school onwards, I wore plastic shoes during the rainy season. I had a red plastic shoes and a white one. They were very durable and I just grew tired of them; I gave them away. My umbrella in High School was given to me by an uncle. It was very durable; it took me four years to replace and it was even because of its fading leaf. Products then were more durable than today. Now, I replace my umbrella on the average of four times a year. Quality umbrella is a rarity these days and high price has nothing to do with the promised quality of it.

I love traveling when it’s raining. It was raining hard when we had our honeymoon in Puerto Galera. It was raining hard when we went to Bohol last February. It was raining hard when I first stepped in Baguio. It was raining hard during my final interview with the company president.I realize, all the good things that happened in my life happened when it was raining hard. 🙂