I’m Just A Memory

Memories are like old songs
that make you stop whenever you hear them.
A song so out of date, you can’t even remember\
the start of the lyrics.
I am that…I’m just a memory.

Memories are like holidays and important events
that just come and go every year.
You can either celebrate it or forget it,
or even pretend that there is no event.
I am that…I’m just a memory.

Memories can make you smile or cry.
It can make you long for more.
It can deceive your mind into pining
for someone,somewhat, somewhere that has long gone.
I have been deleted out of your life.
I’m just a memory.
Let’s live our lives unparallel to one another.
Because no matter what we do, we can only count on the memories
but we can never be together.
Give me the freedom that I deserve because I don’t want to be a slave
of our past. Memories are betraying.
I do not know you anymore.
You don’t know me either.
I’m just a memory.